Special Announcement

From Master Douglas on the Presentation of his 9th Degree Grandmaster

I am honoured to receive my 9th Degree Certificate today. I would like to thank Grandmaster O Toole for presenting me with my 9th degree certificate on behalf of Grandmaster Weiler, President of the ITF.

It is a great honour to receive such a prestigious title as a Grandmaster and I am immensely proud to be part of such an elite group of Taekwon-Do exponents.

I would also like to thank Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Lan, Grandmaster Vanberghen, and Grandmaster O’Toole for supporting me in my application for my 9th degree and thank you also to the ITF promotion committee for approving my application.

After 47 years it is the pinnacle of anyone’s career to receive such an honour in Taekwon-Do.

I would like to also thank my wife Jean and family for supporting me throughout these years.