Comments from Parents

We recently asked the parents of our junior members for some feedback on how their children are getting on. One of the questions we asked was “I like Master Douglas Taekwon-Do Schools for my children because…”. Here are some of the fantastic answers we received.

My son has been attending your little dragons class in Adamstown for over a year now and the difference in him is amazing.

He was very nervous about joining the class but quickly overcame this when he saw it was fun.

He attends a physio for dyspraxia and she is amazed at his progress over the past year in terms of strength, body awareness, coordination and balance.

We have also seen a huge improvement in him socially and in terms of his confidence, self esteem and focus.

He is also learning great life lessons such as respect and perseverance.

He loves the challenge of the tags and belts and giving him a great sense of a achievement. The instructors are fantastic with the kids as a team and individually continually encouraging and coaching them.

I would highly recommend this school.


Having attended both Adamstown and Greenhills I feel that my son is getting the best of both worlds. The classes have an element of fun, yet concentration on technique also.

My son has the chance to work as an individual, work as a pair, and as part of a whole team.

The discipline in the class in firm but not overwhelming for a child. Everybody knows what is expected and what will be tolerated.

Each instructor is encouraging with every child. No child is singled out for getting something wrong. No child is humiliated as I have witnessed in other sports.

Each child is congratulated on their achievements both verbally and visibly with the use of tags on belts (juniors) and belt colour change due to grade progression.

This is a way “of life” and “for life” promoting goodness, discipline, structure, and strength.

Barbara McCarthy

It is a fun and disciplined way to keep fit and build confidence.

Linda Keogh

It promotes fitness, well being, respect, and structure.

Jennie Mcgee

They know how to reach to all children’s hearts and levels. Great help in growing up real children with great talents. Keep doing this. You got all our respect Master Douglas and the whole team. You are all great.


The list of reasons is long : they are having fun, getting fit, and strong, learning how to defend themselves if necessary. They learn how to work well with others and how to listen and be focused on the task in hand. Finally, they learn how to show respect and to expect respect in return for both themselves and others.

Leigh Ann Gilmore