Train @ Home Series – Stretching

Stretching is a vital component to any martial artist’s training. The following series of videos from Samrey Moras teach stretches to achieve higher kicks. Although Samrey is a WTF Taekwon Do practitioner these exercises are suitable for ALL Taekwon Do students.

29th March 2020

Colour Belt Grading Requirements

Mr Douglas has published Colour Belt Grading Requirements as an aid for students as they work towards their next grade. The document goes through each colour belt grade and lists what you need to know to achieve that grade. Hopefully you’ll find it a valuable resource. The document is also available on our Student Information page.

15th June 2018

Interesting Techniques in Patterns

I find it interesting that no matter how well I think I know patterns, it’s incredibly easy to be asked a question that completely stumps me. This will often happen when we’re stepping through a pattern in class and examining each move. The one time I don’t want it to happen is when I’m grading and asked something like “How many different kinds of pressing block are there?”. To answer…

6th February 2018